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At El Rayo Tequila, our commitment to championing creativity leads us to collaborate with talented Mexican artists who embody the essence of contemporary design and innovation in Mexico. We are thrilled to announce our third artist collaboration with the remarkable artist and designer, Alejandra Garcia y Gutierrez, a native of Guadalajara, currently based in Mexico City.

Alejandra's artistic work captivates us with its distinctive, abstract yet representative style, mirroring the vibrancy and ingenuity that define modern Mexican creativity. With years of admiration for her work, we are inspired by her ability to encapsulate and showcase the beauty and excitement of life, drawing inspiration from nature, humanity, architecture, and beautiful objects.

Join us in celebrating the artistry, culture, and innovation that define El Rayo and modern Mexico through our exclusive collaboration. Cheers to a journey of creativity, flavour, and unforgettable moments!